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DML TV brings you the following must-see video.

Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel is running for Senate in the state’s special election, and he says his home state won’t be sending a Democrat to Washington. Sen. McDaniel also discusses not being endorsed by Trump and appealing to the state’s minority voters.

Asked how he would convince black voters that he’s “not a danger to them,” he replied: “I am going to going to ask them, after 100 years, after 100 years of relying on big government to save you, where are you today? After 100 years of begging for federal government scraps, where are you today?”

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  1. The Democrats have been taking advantage of Black voters for years and given them nothing in return. There are better ways to bring focus to that, Democrats promise the world, and deliver nothing!
    President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty back in the sixties, it has been less successful than the war on drugs. We still have poverty, we still have politicians that do not represent the people they are supposed to serve.
    Many, but not all are Democrats, that could have been the message. Words are powerful if used correctly, but even more so when not.

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