The situation at the border is so bad that in Arizona the detention centers are overflowing to levels that are forcing Border Patrol to catch and then release thousands of people into the US each week.

According to a report on CBS News Monday morning, groups of hundreds of people — some as large as 300 people per group — are crossing the border on a daily basis in just one sector (Tucson).

CBS News reported the story following the president’s appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday.¬† ¬†During the interview, Trump said we need to change all the immigration laws, but made no mention of how that is going to be done or when.

According to the CBS News report, the Mexican cartel smugglers are coaching the migrants on what to say when they cross the border in order to get asylum.

The flow of people is so great, that the detention facilities can no longer handle the number of people showing up and therefore sending them off to churches. One church reported 800 people arriving to them in just one day.

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