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In his first visit to the state of Illinois since taking office, President Trump is visiting a steel mill in Granite City, which has reopened since the president imposed tariffs on some foreign steel producers.

ABC7 News reported the following:

The U.S. Steel mill in Granite City laid off some 800 workers in 2015. Back in March, when the tariffs went into effect, the Pittsburgh-based company announced it would again fire up one of the plant’s blast furnaces and rehire workers, bringing back hundreds of jobs to the town just outside of St. Louis.

Many of the workers credit Trump with bringing back jobs that are vital to this blue-collar steel town. The steel industry has struggled with foreign competition, particularly from China, that has cheaper labor costs and government support.

President Trump will be speaking at a rally at the steel mill, where about 650 steel workers are estimated to be in attendance.

Watch live-streaming video of Trump’s speech below.

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  1. Without Trump we would have been past the point of no return to Communism. We are so fortunate to have had Trump run for office and battle the corrupt NWO globalists to get our country back.

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