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After President Trump’s remarks Thursday, in which he indicated he is willing to make a deal on immigration reform and allow DACA to be approved, DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch sent out a message to the president on Twitter, warning him not to do it, or he would lose the support of his base.

Later Thursday evening, DML shot out another, even more power message to Trump, along with a video compilation of clips from his many speeches where he promised to terminate former President Obama’s DACA program, then later, after becoming president, he expressed that he loved the Dreamers and wanted to help them.

 “You often scream foul when the media edits your sentences short, thus it’s disheartening to see you edit your own words by omitting from this tweet the part where you said DACA would be “spectacular.”Lovefest between you and Sen Gramesty is scary. #NoDACA,” DML tweeted to Trump.

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