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My deep apologies to those who were waiting on the Walk & Talk Tuesday.  The president was set to speak at the United Nations at 10:15am, and so I did not want to miss it, or cause you to miss it.  The problem for me was when he didn’t start at 10:15am.

He started his speech late, and it ran longer than I thought it would.  I had scheduled appointments all throughout the day and there just was no time left.  God willing, we will see you all tomorrow at 10am.

Trump’s speech was amazing.  If the guy we saw today would carry himself like that every day, this presidency would be impossible not to embrace from both sides of the isle.

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  1. Whew, I thought I missed it but figured you had a full schedule to attend to after @POTUS U.N. speech.
    Glad you’ll be with us tomorrow 😬 🙏🏻God willing!

  2. I’m glad you didn’t miss the president speech I thought it was outstanding. I must admit I looked all over the place for you to do your walk and talk but it never happened. it’s OK

  3. I agree with you DML. It was a terrific speech. I especially liked when he was talking about Iran & the camera focused on their rep….if looks could kill, right?? That guy looked like he was just “a bit perturbed” did he not?? Lol.
    POTUS was so calm & reserved and at the same time got his point across! I loved it!

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