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  1. Thank you for another informative video. Our founding fathers would Not recognize the country that they created. This is what they warned against. They knew that government would always be thirsty for more and more power. This is why they wanted all citizens to be armed. How did we let this happen? We are a socialist country with tons of government agencies and social programs. Also diversity will be the absolute destruction of America. Diversity is not a strength, it is a Bad thing for this country. Look at all the Nordic countries, and Japan. They are homogenous, with very little diversity, and do they have these divisions like we have? answer is no. People constantly crying racism, and wanting to tear down our history and statues. This is what diversity has gotten us. In 1955 we were 93% white and you know what, the country was 10 times better. The only thing that could possibly save this country is a massive revolution, and a civil war. If not we will have lost America to the low IQ immigrants that have been invading us for years

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