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  1. I’m Catholic too-went grades 1-8 in Catholic School-sang lead high alto soprano in LATIN every Sunday next to my Father who sang as well. My Father was the President of the Knights of Columbus & because we were financially able, we made up baskets for the homeless out of our pockets every Thanksgiving & Christmas & my Father donated much more than he should. My Father would be appalled at this! (soros paid pope or is he just that EVIL DML??)OUR homeless-OUR VETS need to come 1st! President Trump JUST SAID he had a very nice visit with Pope Francis!!! I don’t get it! Europe is a MESS~why doesn’t he help THEM! I think we need to dump all the illegal aliens behind that great big Vatican Wall! I am still Catholic-always will be as I believe in our religion, but I have no clue & never seen a POPE LIKE THIS ONE!

  2. They need to send all the migrants to the Popes gate and see how he handles the situation! I’m Catholic also and am so tired of this Pope and his meddling!

  3. Great commentary DML. I am catholic, but this pope is a real dirtbag! He is another elitist who has big walls and men with guns protecting him, yet he wants criminal loliifes to keep flooding into our country, not caring about our laws. You are spot on! He should worry about his own damn country. I’d love to send a few million of these lawbreaking migrants to his country

  4. My Father was right when he insisted I decide for myself if and what religion I wanted to be part of. I am
    75 years old and believe in the creator, but I never joined organized religion and if I had done so it would never have been the Catholic church. The Pope is a huge part of the problem in all aspects of life. He is a horrible man. Let me tell you, he has known and other Popes have known all along about the priests abusing little boys and they let it happen.

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