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Dennis Michael Lynch took to the streets Tuesday morning to send a harsh, but much needed message to the looters and criminals that are destroying cities like Chicago.

DML crushed it this morning as he toured the streets and explained why Black Lives Matter is harming the good working, law abiding people of the African American communities.

In his video, DML shares his thoughts about work ethics, skin color, and the media’s false narratives about hate.

It is a must see, must share video.

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  1. Is there someone I can speak with here? Public outcry is being suppressed here in Shreveport, La. Police brutality victims of LSU hospital police are blocked online by the Mayor’s administration, the sheriff’s department, and the LSU Ochsners Health.. Media isn’t covering it. Law enforcement stalk, mock, & harass victims trying to get help with members of the administration. The A.C.L.U. won’t help.. a board member blocks hospital police brutality outcry victims on twitter too. She works as a campaign strategist for the mayor. The communications are documented and can be submitted for review. We have torture in hospitals, cruelty in jails, media cover up, child protection agencies exporting children to pedos, hospitals blocking malpractice/staff abuse victims, unfair courts, exploitable voting machines, judges falsify legal documents in court, 911 hangs up reporting police, & more… I need some help.


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