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  1. My heart bleeds for those parents, brothers, sisters and all their relatives. Their lives take so many hits. First and foremost they lost their precious babies. Then, not only did the Gov’t neglect to protect their Children, but then they ignore the problem and push it down the road so they don’t have to admit they were negligent. It is not the guns. That Truck driver who just killed all those people in that crash was on a green card who does not speak English was clearly Accelerating. He was not trying to stop plus he could have used the Truck runaway ramp but chose not to. If someone wants to kill they will find a way. I don’t know how these parents don’t lose their cool when dealing with these heartless politicians.

  2. Politician absolutely disgust me anymore. America no longer has ANY use for politicians as they do NOTHING they are voted for to do.

  3. My thought is that killers do not fear our soft justice system. We need to implement the execution of killers as soon as they are convicted of the crime. Then make their execution public. No more coddling killers. No more life sentences. Once convicted, no appeals. Period. One exception might be life internment for those who are proven to be mentally I’ll. No parole. Ever.

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