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Inspired by the life and times of Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Michael Lynch returned to Facebook today to share his conservative messages about America and the great American experience.

DML said, “No one person can ever fill the shoes of Rush, but together we have to fill the void.  We have to get the truth out to people about conservatism.  And if Rush were talking to me now he would tell me to use my reach on Facebook to get the word out, so I am going to do the Walk & Talks until they kick me off.”

In his Walk & Talk, DML spoke about blacks and whites getting along and how the left is lying about Trump supporters being white supremacists.  He also took a few verbal jabs at President Magoo (aka Joe) as he continues to help illegal aliens before helping Americans. He did go soft at one point, by crediting Magoo for solving the problem of Climate Change now that Texas and most of the US are in a deep freeze.  “Can we move on now that you solved Climate Change, President Magoo?”, asked DML.

DML compared how the news is covering Senator Cruz (R-TX) and his decision to vacation for a day in Cancun four times greater than they cover Gov. Cuomo’s cover up regarding the COVID related deaths he caused at nursing homes in NY.

DML said the Walk & Talk will have no specific schedule or time frame.  The LIVE program will come each day at random times.  “Sometimes I will be on in the mornings, sometimes in the evenings, I’ll come to you from the beach or from my boat — basically, whenever I’m not trying to get romantic with my wife Miss Mary. ”

DML urged people to download the DML NEWS APP from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store so they never miss an alert to when he is on. He also told everyone about his new special cbd deal at (DML CBD Face Serum).

Below is the Walk & Talk from Friday, February 9.  And remember, you can see every Walk & Talk on replay on the DML NEWS APP under the videos tab, and here on on the W&T tab.

Here is the video:


  1. What happened to your appearance? Hair not groomed , Glasses are aweful looking
    You sure aren’t the same DML 😳
    However I still think your News Rocks ❤️

  2. DML….if you listened to Rush, I’m surprised you don’t listen to Mark Levin. Constitutional lawyer who worked in the Reagan Administration for 8 years. He’s brilliance. FACTUAL brilliance

    • On Mark Levin or as Rush nicknamed him FLEA lol
      I listen to him every Sunday with fox’s Life Liberty and Levin, religiously as well as his app although a rewind of days prior broadcasts
      ALSO DML…. see if in these w~ n~ t you’re still able to engage the listeners thru the conversation opt like the 1 few weeks prior to your initial departure from Facebook …Tony and I really enjoyed it

  3. I love dml’s hair and sunglasses!! He’s a Floridian!! So happy ur walk and talks r back!! And to make them better, I bet most r from the beach!!❤️


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