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Today, I reverted back to the Walk & Talk style of years ago. Sadly, the video did not register with Facebook.

When ending a LIVE broadcast there are two small buttons on the bottom right of the screen. One reads SUBMIT and the other reads DELETE. Both are positioned right next to each other.

Insert the sun, my lack of wearing the glasses I need to see those buttons, and my “hurry-up back to work” personality, and I believe I hit the delete button instead of the save button.  Either that, or Facebook took down the video.  I doubt it’s the ladder as I did not get a notification.

My apologies to those of you who were waiting to watch the replay.  It was a passionate and insightful chat, we had a nice-sized crowd, and there was plenty of chuckles along the way to the duck pond where I met up with a white swan who claims to have been thrown in the water against its will by Brett Kavanaugh in 1984.

Tomorrow, I will try to be more careful about hitting the submit button instead of the delete button.

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  1. Bummer! I could only watch the first 15 minutes and I had to leave. Was looking forward to finish watching it when I got home but I couldn’t find it. Thanks for letting me know what happened. I suspected but hoped I was wrong!

  2. I haven’t seen one in forever. Fb is useless. But I have to say today I saw all your posts. Twitter is better. I share all the time on there.

  3. I believe Facebook shut you down. Every who shared with all their respective groups got the same thing. This was about Kavanaugh and Facebook didn’t like it or the P word ,which we all did. It was a great show, only thing missing was the church bells.

  4. oh no!!!!!!! I usually can only watch the replay so pooh i missed the live again and you accidently deleted the live post. That is ok. I just read your response to emails and laughed my head off – Hit the road jack LOL. thanks for that laughter – not all agree with me on that. Uh please get the glasses on before you delete anymore great walk/talks ok. Love and hugs.

  5. I am sorry this happened because it was such a good old time Walk & Talk. One of my favorites and one reason is because the wait was so long to get you back and you were informative as usual but made me laugh out loud here by myself many times. Put those glasses on!!!! Don’t loose anymore. Seems like everytime the ducks are involved you loose the show. Must be the 🦆 ducks. So happy to have you back.

    • and I thought fb had deleted it from my timeline – was not a happy camper wish I’d seen the ducks! love your walk and talks.

  6. Tried to watch the FB video and it wasn’t working stopping and starting over and over
    sad that you deleted it but anxiously awaiting the next one

  7. I am so angry that we didn’t get to share today’s Walk & Talk!!! Can you give it to us in written form to share? I tried immediately and couldn’t get it to copy so I thought I’d give it some time and now it pulls up some of the most godawful pictures of President Trump! I’m so sick of this liberal bullshit!!! 🤬🤬🤬

  8. I got the notice you were going live but couldn’t find you. Glad to know why I can’t see it now. Oh I do have the DML app. Norma

  9. This has happened to you several times I think you should start wearing your glasses or remember what side the submit button is on because we really miss when you don’t have it because we like listening to you especially on your walks and talks thank you

  10. I missed the first 10 minutes which I was going to watch again later. But, hey, stuff happens😉 It was a great Walk & Talk💕

  11. Darn and it was so good! You were in TRUE DML CLASSIC form. I wanted to watch it again so I could properly respond to some of the “nuggets of wisdom” you shared.
    You know you could get some sunglasses that have just a sliver of higher reading power at the bottom. That’s what I use. Till next time💕& God Bless you DML, 🇺🇸, our troops & Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family who are going through hell right now!🙏🏻 But as they say, “If you’re going through hell. Just keep on going!

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