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  1. Just to let you know DML there was someone asking how to sign up. I gave instructions but I thought it would be better coming from you. Just my opinion. If you are somehow able at this point. I’m a little worried I may not have given the exact instructions as they should be, Thank you DML.

  2. You did say where to go and to put one’s email. But there was still someone asking. Perhaps it was too much to watch and take instructions for someone new. Just an opinion again. Thank you!

  3. This should not be happening in our country…shameful! Our elected officials are not even trying to end this deadly run off. We must have a voice in this…call or write to the White House and demand results!

  4. MX was very quick to call the US State Dept when the grates are not opened quick enough who is calling the MX State Dept & complaining loudly about this horrible stinky run off?? They shld be forced to jump like we have, to clean this up.

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