DML Walk & Talk. WATCH NOW w/ New Chat Box

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Dennis Michael Lynch and Harlan Hill host the Walk & Talk on Friday, April 14. In this Walk & Talk, DML and Harlan Hill focus the entire episode on DML’s experience with illegal immigration, and the crimes committed by the illegal aliens currently in the U.S.

DML and Harlan play a number of video clips from DML’s films They Come to America 1, 2, and 3.

The Walk & Talk on Friday will be played exclusively on the DML website. It is NOT available on Facebook. There is a new chat box on the DML website that enables you to chat with other viewers. The new chat box is a work in progress, so please tell us your thoughts about how we can improve it. We will be watching your comments in real time. Thanks so much, and enjoy this very powerful episode of Walk & Talk.


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