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  1. It’s really sad they aren’t asking Hillary all these questions. She is the one who needs to be prison. I feel so sorry for this Judge and his family and I hope he sue’s every one of them people who are running him through the wringer.
    The Clinton’s sure are laying low aren’t they….You got this Judge and don’t give up sir. I stand behind you 1000%! It’s to bad the Democrat’s have to me so mean I would be so ashamed if I was a Democrat, but thank god I’m not. I hope our President keeps his promise for what he said he wanted to do to Hillary IF he got elected. The Clinton’s are PATHETIC! Anyone else would already be in jail if we did what they did. In all the years I have voted since I been 18 I have seen such DIRTY Democrats until Trump become President. Why can’t they see how much better our country is doing and why can’t the Democrats see that??? My gosh aren’t you Democrat’s tired of us supporting people who don’t want to work and want to live off the Govt for free? Yes, some need to cause they need the help but come one why should we support those who don’t want to work? Make our country better look how many more jobs Trump has created, the Dow is going up, more jobs are here but you have to have to want to get out and work like every one else does. Get out there and get some goof benefits and support your family and make your lives better. Quit depending to live free off the Govt…Like I said sure their are people who need it cause they are sick but come on a lot you of u out there just don’t want to work. Not a better feeling in this workd to know you have worked for what you have in life.

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