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Written by DML
This afternoon I reached out to one of the contacts I have within the administration who deals with immigration.

My letter highlights the Facebook campaign we’ve been running for the past few days, and will continue to run until the border is secure.

The letter I sent is copy / pasted below, and I included a screenshot.  I ask you to share this with people who would be willing to help us help the president secure our borders.  Share this on Twitter, on Facebook, in groups and via email.  Have them go to


In a separate email to you, I will send a spreadsheet later today.  It bears a list of 4,000 Americans who stand with President Trump and his threat to place tariffs on Mexico if they do not stop the Central American migrants from crossing our border.  I expect this list to grow, and I will send you the additional names as they sign on.
The people on this list visited my website at and selected from one of three unified messages to send to President Trump. Each message will be sent to you with the spreadsheet.  I suspect your team will deliver these messages to him asap.

With the GOP elite giving the president a hard time about the tariffs, we are willing to organize in each state.  We stand ready to do whatever reasonable actions are necessary to persuade the radical Senators to change tunes and support POTUS.

Although the spreadsheet will show only the names, I have each person’s email, phone and address.  Thus, I have the ability to contact these people in a variety of ways.  Please know that we (TeamDML) stand ready to help in the fight to protect our borders.

I look forward to seeing you again, this time perhaps it can be in the Oval Office.  🙂

— end of email —

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  1. I fully support DMLs effort to have Trump take positive action on the Mexico Tariff iniative. Do not back down President Trump!

  2. Can all of us go with you to the white house for McDonald’s? Serious question. I would love to have McDonald’s with my president. Lol everyone else might be too good for it but not I! Lol

  3. I am with you 100% President Trump. You are the best president! We support your positive action on the Mexico Tariff initiative. Keep up the good work!! DML is the most amazing true news and an American supporter all the way..The whole DML TEAM and more are with you.

  4. We are with you 100% Mr. President.
    This invasion is really getting out of hard and I am scared for our country

  5. Mr. President you have our support. We want you back in the Oval Office and continue to lead & protect the United States of America. We would love for Dennis Michael Lynch to be invited to The Oval Office as a representative of Your Supportive American People. #MAGA #TRUMP2020

  6. We support you President Trump ans and so proud of what you have done for this country AND we support the tariffs on Mexico and it’s products. We love our country and want them it back.
    We are part of TeamDML,4,000 and growing strong. Dennis Michael Lynch is an immigration specialist with three documentaries on immigration and a fourth out now.
    Please consider him to be a guest at the White House/Oval Office with you, you will be thrilled.
    P.S. You’ve already had the pleasure of meeting my daughter in law, Gold Star Mother, Jamie Woods Flynn and son Eric Woods, in the Oval Office last winter.

  7. President Trump ( The People’s President)
    I am with you 100000+%
    I have faith in knowing you are putting Americans first, Make America Great Again!!!


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