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1-Louisville police officers shot amid Breonna Taylor protests; suspect in custody
Fox News reports: Two police officers were shot in Louisville, Ky., on Wednesday night as protesters flocked to the streets to rally against the death of Breonna Taylor, authorities said.

Shortly after a police news conference, reports emerged on social media that a third police officer may have been injured.

The two police victims confirmed by authorities were being treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, Interim Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder said in a short news conference around 10 p.m. ET.

The suspect was not identified and potential charges were not available.

One officer was shot in the abdomen, below a bulletproof vest, while the other was shot in a thigh, sources told the Courier-Journal of Louisville.

DML: This is so out of control; the only way it stops is when the rioters are all locked up.  It is the only way to stop it.

2-Video shows police officers attacked in Seattle; retreat from rioters

Video journalist Andy Ngô  reports via Twitter the following:
Seattle: Antifa rioters assault a cop who was knocked to the ground from his bicycle. A person then uses a metal bat to strike him on the head. This is in the middle of the former “CHAZ.

This is attempted murder, but the scumbag has his face covered — doubt he gets caught.  Check out this other video of Antifa assaulting police:

3-Colin Kaepernick speaks on Breonna Taylor shooting indictment: ‘Abolish The Police’
Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick voiced his frustration on Wednesday over a grand jury’s decision to indict one of three police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor with criminal charges.

“The white supremacist institution of policing that stole Breonna Taylor’s life from us must be abolished for the safety and well being of our people. #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #AbolishThePolice,” Kaepernick wrote on Twitter.

DML: Sure thing Colin, right after we abolish all the hoods where drugs, gangs, rapes, murders and theft fester.  If Black Lives Matter then stop killing each other, and stop destroying cities where you live.

4-Report: Biden Supporters Vandalize, Burn Trump Supporters’ Home in Minnesota

A home belonging to supporters of President Donald Trump in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, was attacked in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to a Facebook post. A news release from the Brooklyn Center Police Department noted that the home’s occupants had a “fairly large ‘Trump 2020’ sign that was destroyed.”

Deana Molla, who claims to be one of the owners of the vandalized home, shared photos of the arson and vandalism via Facebook. According to police, the attackers spray-painted, “Biden 2020,” “BLM,” and a capital letter “A” with a circle around it, a symbol for the left-wing group Antifa.

DML: An innocent homeowner should feel safe in their home, and at a minimum be able to defend their home from this sort of thing.  If a person tries to burn down your home, there is only one thing you can do if police can’t help.  I’ll let you guess what that one thing is.

5-Times Square New Year’s Eve organizers say event will go virtual, no crowd on scene
New York City’s Times Square will look very different on New Year’s Eve this year.

On any given year, the so-called “Crossroads of the World” is packed to the gills with people excited to ring in the new year as broadcasts play host to musical entertainment and the like.

But with 2020 unlike any given year due to the coronavirus — among other things — this year’s event will reflect that.

In a statement provided to Fox News by the event’s organizers, Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins said the event will go virtual and will not host the usual raucous crowd of revelers.

DML:The biggest scam in American history continues.

MY PARTING WORDS: The lack of law and order in the US right now is sickening, and my fear is people will be afraid to stand tall for who they support and what they believe in.  I hope you are not one of those people.  The left wants you/us/me silenced.  We cannot allow that to happen.  Therefore, my daily deal for today is a BUY ONE, GET TWO free offer.  We have to support law and order, no matter where it takes shape in America.  This includes our borders.  If you buy a BUILD THE WALL sticker, I will send you two extras for free.  The 3 stickers will cost you less than $5 total.  Click here to get your bumper stickers and support law and order at the border.


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  1. After watching the video of the police officer being knocked off his bike and then hit in the back of the head by a thug yielding a baseball bat, I say we need to open fire on these criminals. They aren’t peaceful protestors, these are thugs who are out to kill!

  2. I agree we should protect ourselves and police officers or anyone that is being harmed with any type of weapon! I feel President Trump should tell us to stop using the stupid masks!

  3. Yes
    What will it take to wake up the Dems in Control in Oregon! They need to have this crap happen in their neighborhood in front of their house before things will get better.

  4. I agree. The police need to retaliate, not continue to run away. We cannot continue to let these thugs and criminals rule. It seems that those 3 officers serving a warrant on Breonna Taylor’s apartment should have allowed her boyfriend to kill them. Then would BLM be happy. Probably not. They would riot because police damaged her door. If blacks would quit being criminals they would quit being shot, period.

  5. It is time for President Trump to override city officials and send in the National Guard.
    Too many Police, innocent citizens and property are being hurt.
    Peaceful protests are fine but these thugs must be stopped.

  6. I’m sorry, but this violence has progressed to ridiculously high levels… Policemen lives are at risk… It’s time for law enforcement to make it known that they will use real bullets if they are attacked like this in the future… That should stop this bs…They need to take control or we lose the country…

  7. His tweet is a threat that “incites” violence! Why isn’t Twitter taking it down! Let’s “abolish” him, not the Police! #BackTheBlue!


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