DNC Chair Front-Runner Has Yet To Return Thousands In Contributions From Saudi Wife Beater

Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), a current front-runner for DNC chair has accepted thousands in campaign donations from the four sons of Nasser Al-Rashid, a Saudi Arabian billionaire, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Nasser Al-Rashid has donated anywhere from $1 to $5 million to the Clinton foundation, and his sons have donated approximately $600,000 to fund campaigns for Democrats.

The contributions were already seen as questionable since they came from a royal Saudi family, but are now being criticized much more after Ibrahim Al-Rashid, one of Nasser’s sons was recently convicted for assaulting his wife.

Democrats who received donations from Ibrahim Al-Rashid returned them after the assault conviction, but Ellison has yet to do so.

From the Free Beacon:

Some Democrats such as Murphy and Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.), whose Super PAC had received $100,000 from Al-Rashid, returned the money, but contribution records show that Ellison, who was the first Democrat to receive money from Al-Rashid, has made no such move.

Al-Rashid’s funding of the Democratic Party began in September 2010 with a $2,400 contribution to Ellison. He followed it up with a $10,000 contribution to Ellison’s home-state party two weeks later. Al-Rashid went on to contribute $5,000 to Ellison in 2011 and $5,200 more in 2013.

Records also show that Al-Rashid was not the only member of his family to contribute to Ellison.

In 2006 when Ellison was running to become the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, Ramzi Al-Rashid, Ibrahim’s brother, contributed $500 to his campaign. He contributed an additional $250 in 2008. Another brother, Mohammad Al-Rashid, gave Ellison $5,000 in 2011, and a fourth brother, Salman Al-Rashid, gave Ellison $2,400 in 2010 and an additional $2,500 in 2011.

The Free Beacon also reported that Ellison has not responded to questions regarding his relationship with the Al-Rashid family, or whether he is considering to return the donations from Ibrahim Al-Rashid.

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