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Senator Booker (D-NJ) screamed for 30-minutes.  But despite his screaming, he was so boring and long-winded that the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, was struggling to stay awake.

Meanwhile, the DNC broke federal immigration laws on Monday night by harboring two illegal aliens.  But this is Hillary Clinton’s party, so we shouldn’t be shocked — the Democrats have no concern for the rule of law.

Michelle Obama spoke about how she lives in a house (aka The White House) which was built by slaves.  She raved on about how America is the greatest country on earth because among other things, we allow people who can’t speak English to illegally cross the border to find work and receive free schooling.

Elizabeth Warren made a case for Republicans who criticize President Obama’s time in office.  She listed all the problems we face today, including but not limited to low wages, high health care costs and the inability to find work.

Warren was dry, flat, and monotoned in her slamming of Donald Trump.  She accused him of being a hater.  She said he was a self-absorbed crook.  She said he inherited a fortune from his father, and then claimed he bankrupted 6 businesses at the expense of the little-guy contractors who got stiffed by the billionaire real estate mogul.

Bernie Sanders spoke about every issue under the sun.  And he promised free school, free this and free that for Muslims, gays, poor people, black people, Latinos, and so on.  He never said how America pays for it all, but it’s only money — right?

Amazingly, he had tough words for a system he claims caters to the top 1% of America.  But somehow he failed to mention that under President Obama’s time in office more than 90% of all wage growth went to the top 1%. Under Bush, it was merely 65%.

But the biggest head-scratching comment of the night came from Eva Longoria, the outspoken actress who got her start on the TV show, ‘Desperate Housewives.’  Eva is never short on anti-Donald Trump comments — and so she came equipped with a bucket filled with hate on Monday.  But I had to laugh when she ‘desperately’ declared Hillary Clinton as the most experienced, best qualified candidate to ever run for president.

It wasn’t easy to watch the convention, and I’m not sure I can do it again tomorrow night — but then again how could I miss slick Willy?


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