Number Of Doctors Accepting Obama Continues To Drop


In addition to Obamacare insurance premiums skyrocketing in 2017, the number of physicians who will be accepting Obamacare is steadily dropping.

A recent survey conducted by SERMO, a social network for physicians, shows that about 57 percent of doctors said they will be taking new patients insured through Obamacare next year. This number is down about four percentage points from last year, when 61 percent of physicians said they were going to accept health insurance plans offered in the federal or state exchanges under the ACA.

These numbers are down tremendously when compared to a survey conducted by the Medical Group Management Association back in 2014 that showed 76.5 percent of physicians said their practice were accepting insurance plans offered under the Affordable Care Act.

Based on the recent survey done by SERMO and the 2014 survey from MGMA, physicians accepting ACA plans have plummeted nearly 20 percentage points as we head into Obamacare’s fourth enrollment period.

In addition to increased premiums and a drop in physician participation, a Gallup poll also shows that healthcare satisfaction is also down. The poll shows that 76 percent of Americans now rate their overall health care as “good or excellent,” which is down significantly from 83 percent the year before Obamacare was passed.


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