Don Cheadle Tweets To Trump: “Hope You Die”

Don Cheadle hates Donald Trump.

Cheadle, who is black, won his Academy-award for producing a race baiting film called ‘Crash.’  The film stars Cheadle, Matt Dillion, and a host of other Hollywood stars.  The film sets out to paint L.A. cops as racists and black people victims of their bigotry.

Cheadle is never shy about talking about police and how they ‘treat Blacks.’ According to, Cheadle stated ‘That many Blacks are seen as deserving of American police brutality because we are viewed as violent.’  Perhaps this sort of bizarre thinking is what forced Cheadle to tweet obscene and threatening tweets to Donald Trump after the GOP nominee expressed concerns about the Black on Black crimes taking place in Chicago.

Trump tweeted about the death of NBA star Dwayne Wade’s cousin, and how it’s a shame for her to have died in a drive-by shooting in the crime-ridden streets of Chicago. Cheadle responded by tweeting to Trump: “You are truly a POS.” He then went on to tweet that he urges Trump “to die in a grease fire.”  If a white actor tweeted a similar statement to President Obama, he would never work in Hollywood again.  But because Cheadle is black, and because Hollywood hates Trump, it’s permitted.  How sad!

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Trump did not respond to Cheadle, but perhaps the Secret Service will?

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