Donald Trump Jr. Helps Push Woman’s Broken-Down Car (Video)

While campaigning for his father out in Arizona, Donald Trump’s oldest son made an unexpected stop on the road to help out a lady in need of assistance.

According to the Republican Party of Maricopa County chairman Tyler Bowyer, Donald Trump Jr. was on his way to a campaign event after a rally at Arizona State University on Wednesday when he stopped in traffic to help a woman with her broken-down car.

“We were on our way from a rally to another event and Donald Trump Jr. hopped out first to help push this lady’s car off the road, get some water and call for help,” said Brower. “Needless to say, she was pretty surprised to find out it was Donald Trump, Jr. pushing her car.”

Brower posted a picture and a video of Donald Trump Jr. helping out on Facebook and Twitter, and his posts have since gone viral.


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