Donald Trump Set To Go On A “Thank America Tour”

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shakes hands with supporters following a campaign event in Radford

President-elect Donald Trump will be hitting the road within the next few weeks and going on a “Thank America Tour” of states he won in the election.

George Gigicos, the campaign advance team director, told reporters in Trump Tower on Thursday “We’re working on a victory tour now. It will happen in the next couple of weeks.”

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was standing behind Gigicos at the time and came forward to reporters to correct him, saying it was a “Thank you Tour” not a “Victory Tour”

When asked where the tour would be held, he said it would focus on “the swing states we flipped over” and that it will be held “after Thanksgiving.”

Large rallies were a staple of Trump’s campaign. While on his expansive trip across the country Trump energized and motivated tens of thousands of supporters at a time, which ultimately led to him winning the presidency. Trump would hold several rallies in a single day where his passion and desire to “Make America Great Again” could be seen by voters.


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