The White House press corps had a rough morning Monday as they traveled with the Trump motorcade to the Mar-a-Lago resort.

A driver of a van loaded with reporters was detained outside the resort after a personal firearm was discovered in his baggage. As a result, none of the drivers were allowed to enter the property. Instead, White House staffers drove the vans the remainder of the distance.

The busted driver was reportedly an outside contractor, and not employed by the White House.

The Hill reported:

The incident occurred off club grounds in a parking lot across the street and roughly an hour before press vans joined up with presidential motorcade, which later headed to the president’s nearby golf course.

The gun was discovered during a routine security sweep, during which press and staff have their belongings inspected by law enforcement officers and dogs before entering the club.

The driver’s bag was pulled out of the line of luggage for additional inspection and officers pulled him aside. 

The driver then told reporters he forgot to leave the firearm inside his personal vehicle before entering the van. Reporters did not see the gun.