Drug Smugglers Caught on Film Scaling AZ Border Fence

BUSTED!   Film crew catches drug smugglers climbing border fence, then they scurried back across when they realized they were on camera.

Two alleged drugs smugglers were caught live on TV sneaking into the United States over the border fence.  A Mexican news team had been filming a segment on cross border shootings at Nogales in Arizona when two men were seen climbing over the railings.

Footage shows the alleged cartel members, who were wearing giant backpacks, shimmying down the fence.  When they landed on U.S. soil, they made their way along the fence as one made a call on his cellphone.

Illegal Drug Smugglers 1

The pair then hunted for cover and had made their way to hide behind some shrubs when they noticed the Mexican film crew, Azteca Noticias, filming them.   Appearing angry, they began shouting at reporter Carolina Rocha and her crew to stop filming.  When the news team refused, the smugglers make a call before running back to the fence.

The men scale the metal railings within seconds and flee back into Mexico as the reporter tells them; ‘I am only doing my job, son.’

Cartel gangs sending drugs from Mexico over border fence has become common problem in the Nogales area.

(Via Daily Mail)


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