Drug-Smuggling Tunnel Discovered Under New Home

Neighbors had no idea the new home in their neighborhood was covering a smuggling tunnel!

Federal agents have discovered more than 75 cross-border drug-smuggling tunnels in the past five years, in Arizona and California.    But this week, they moved in on a new one in the San Diego area – and this one is unusual – it is the first time on the border when drug traffickers have actually purchased property to build a HOUSE, for the sole purpose of hiding a smuggling tunnel.

Drug tunnel 3

It was an expensive house, and federal agents have been watching it, from start to finish.  When the first load of marijuana was moved through this week, agents moved in and made their arrests, confiscating 1,350 pounds of pot, with a retail value of $6 million.

Traffickers allegedly paid $240,000 for the property in April 2015, and the three-bedroom home was built from October through December 2015, at a cost of $86,000.   The owners reportedly told the contractor to leave a space for a floor safe when pouring the cement foundation.

The tunnel running from the home in Calexico is the length of four football fields, equipped with electricity, lighting and a rail system, and passes right underneath the 14-foot metal border fence.    It connected to a restaurant in Mexicali, Mexico, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs.



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