Drug Tunnel Construction Busted By Mexican Police

Border Nogales 3

At least one drug tunnel has come to a dead end between Mexico and Nogales, Arizona.

Mexican police announced Sunday that they have discovered a 103-foot tunnel still under construction, near a storm drainage pipe that crosses the border between Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and Nogales, Arizona.

When officers noticed a difference in the concrete near the drainage pipe, they broke through it and discovered the tunnel.  The first half was already supported with wooden beams, but the second half was not yet complete.   It was headed toward an empty lot on the Arizona side, but had not broken the surface there yet.

Border Tunnel Nogales

Reportedly, the tunnel was discovered by a team of Mexican police and U.S. Border Patrol who were working together.

The tunnel is just one of many that have been discovered between the Mexico and US border, all used by drug cartels to transport drugs onto American streets.

Terror organizations also use tunnels to smuggle drugs, arms and money.  According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Hezbollah terror group also has established business relationships with South American drug cartels and has used tunnel-building for decades.

It is unknown which drug cartel is responsible for this newly discovered tunnel, but it’s construction has come to an end.


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