Saudi Police Detain Women for Improper Attire

A young woman was stopped and detained after she removed her required attire on the streets of Riyadhi, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on Monday.

Colonel Fawaz al Maiman of the Riyadhi Police stated “Police officers have detained a girl who had removed her abaya on al-Tahliya street, implementing a challenge she announced on social media several days ago.”

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According to The Jerusalem Post, the woman was reported by the Saudi religious police for violating modesty rules after she removed her abaya, the loose-fitting, full-length robes women are required to wear as she walked on main street in the countries capital of Riyadhi.

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country with strict codes for all women to adhere to.

Muslim women are required to wear the abaya, they are not allowed to drive and they are not allowed to mingle with the men in public.

The outcome of her detention was not released.




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