Dukes of Hazzard Star Exposes LA Flood Cleanup After 5 Weeks


A Facebook Live video Saturday morning by John Schneider, who played “Bo Duke” on Dukes of Hazzard, is going viral.

The video is a drive-through of neighborhoods in Louisiana which were devastated by the flood five weeks ago.   Home after home after home still has a mountain of trash piled in front of it, just waiting for clean-up crews to come and remove.   Schneider said thankfully you can only see the video, and can’t smell the stench.  

He says he wanted to show Americans just how much “help” the Obama administration has provided to Louisianans whose homes were ruined – some beyond repair – by the flood.   Most people just want the destroyed furniture and rotten sheetrock hauled away so they can clean up their neighborhoods and start rebuilding their lives.

Schneider’s own home and studio in Holden flooded as well.   He’s frustrated that Obama promised the government would do everything it could to help, but so far, there is no evidence of that.   His video already has over 200,000 views.

“We are five weeks and counting into what’s going on here, so when you hear someone saying we’re doing all we can, they’re not telling you the truth,” Schneider. “The fact that all this stuff is still here is terrible. It smells.”

WWLTV reported that 125 trucks are working to pick up the flood debris in Livingston Parish.  Authorities said as of Monday, they’ve collected 300,000 cubic yards of debris – with about one million cubic yards remaining.  They’re estimating it may take till Christmas to collect it all.




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