E.U. Teams Up With Social Media To Censor “Hate Speech”

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft all commit to enforcing new, limiting guidelines. Offensive content will be assessed and removed within 24 hours.

The European Union announced an agreement Tuesday with the world’s largest social media firms on ways to clamp down and stop the spread of “hate speech” online, saying social media has been used by terrorist organizations to entice hatred against certain groups or individuals.

Social media companies will act “quickly and efficiently” regarding any social media posts against anyone over issues of race, color, religion, descent, nationality or ethnicity.  

The social media firms agreed to “strengthen their partnerships” with civil society organizations who will act as watchdogs and whistleblowers in flagging any content they find that “promotes incitement to violence and hateful conduct.”

The EU commissioner “responsible for justice, consumers and gender equality” said, “The internet is a place for free speech, not hate speech.”

Many citizens of the U.K. have been campaigning heavily for Britain to leave the European Union, and have become more vocal on social media against the changes being forced upon their country due to the large and growing numbers of Muslim refugees who have settled there.


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