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Ever since Trump’s Education Department rescinded an Obama-era guidance that said transgender students should be allowed to use the restroom facilities that match their gender identity, a new report shows that some affected students are upset.

The department’s Office for Civil Rights has told at least three transgender students that it is no longer required to handle matters related to alleged discrimination, Huffington Post reported Tuesday.

The Trump administration says those decisions should be made at the local level and has since dismissed complaints from transgender students over discrimination, stating the issue no longer falls under its jurisdiction.

“OCR determined we do not have subject matter jurisdiction over Allegation 1, insomuch as the alleged discriminatory conduct you described does not raise any prohibitive bases under the civil rights laws OCR enforces,” an agency letter dismissing one complaint read, according to the report.

After rescinding the guidance, OCR officials told staffers to rely on “Title IX and its implementing regulations… in evaluating complaints of sex discrimination against individuals whether or not the individual is transgender.”

The number of complaints about discrimination against transgender students filed to the OCR in the Trump administration has dropped by about 40 percent, compared to the number sent during the same time period under Obama.

The Education Department has focused its efforts on rolling back regulations officials have deemed unnecessary, including Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault and guidance that outlined the rights of students with disabilities.

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