Elderly Man Falls Ill at Polls… But Still Wanted to Vote


An elderly man fell ill with chest pain and breathing difficulties while voting at a polling station in Virginia. However, despite his dire state, he insisted on casting his vote as an ambulance with medics rushed to help him. Instead of waiting calmly for help, the man managed to cast his ballot.

A voter by the Twitter name of Hedi Lou Who claimed she was waiting in line to vote in the presidential election when the man collapsed from physically ill pain. Heidi writes on Twitter: “Older man at polling place having chest pain & trouble breathing, insisted on casting his ballot as the ambulance was called.”

While Heidi did post a few pictures from the scene, the current condition of the man is not known. It’s also not known who the man had voted for. Regardless, the dedication of the ill man’s persistence to still vote highlights how serious many are taking this intense election between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.


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