Eleven-Year-Old Trump Supporter Was Star of the Show At Pence Rally

Trump Fan Matthew 1

Eleven-year-old Matthew Schricker, who is all on board for Trump, just wanted to be sure Governor Pence was the real deal – so when he got a chance at a recent campaign town hall event in North Carolina, he stood up and asked Pence a serious question.

Since the rally, Matthew has been interviewed by multiple news media, and indicates he may enter politics when he grows up.

Listen to Matthew’s question, and Governor Pence’s response.

Schricker told CNN after the event that he was excited by Trump’s pick of Pence for vice president, but wanted to make sure Pence was in the race for right reasons. He had been disappointed over Pence weighing in on Trump’s proposed Muslim ban and his comments about the Khan family.

“I just wanted to see if was actually with Trump or if he was just like, or if he was just sort of doing it for himself,” Schricker told reporters. “My concern was he wasn’t going full on on Trump’s views, and I was a little worried that he was softening up a little bit.”


Matthew and his mom were interviewed together on MSNBC:




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