EPA Targets Dry Cleaning Chemical


For the first time “in a generation” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is looking to ban a chemical that is used as a degreaser and a stain remover by dry cleaners.

According to The Hill, Trichloroethylene (TCE) was on a short list of ten chemicals the EPA identified as candidates for restriction under the newly expanded act. The alleged health risk of the chemical was discovered during a 2014 study of the compound.

To ensure that the chemical presents a risk to human health, the EPA must study the compound for three years prior to requesting the ban.


Wednesday, regulators will be proposing a ban to the industrial solvent under the Toxic Substances Control Act. The act was recently expanded by lawmakers and if approved, it would be the first time “in a generation” that a toxic substance was be banned by the law.

Jim Jones, the assistant administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety, released a statement saying, “Once finalized, today’s action will help protect consumers and workers from cancer and other serious health risks when they are exposed to aerosol degreasing, and when dry cleaners use spotting agents.”


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