Eric Trump Tweets Photo of His Ballot – And Liberals are Giddy About It


Liberals are jumping up and down over a little mishap on the Trump campaign. This morning, Eric Trump tweeted a picture showcasing his filled out election ballot Tuesday morning. “It is in an incredible honor to vote for my father! He will do such a great job for the U.S.A.! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,” Eric Trump tweeted shortly after 7 am.

However, in New York, publicizing your ballot is illegal. Last week, a Manhattan federal court judge ruled a century year old state law barring people from showing their completed ballots also applies to people sharing pictures of their ballots on social media sites.

“I’m glad to see Eric Trump engaged in our valued tradition of civil disobedience by showing his ballot on the internet. However, according to the federal court what he did was illegal and he could face up to one year in jail,” said lawyer Leo Glickman. “He should have conferred with me before posting his ballot.”

The prestigious lawyer represented voters who previously challenged the law in a federal suit, and further mentions that the young Trump could be fined $1000 for the tweet. Despite the illegality, Glickman maintains it’s a highly outdated law and should be done away with. “It’s our position the existence of the possibility of a prosecution chills free speech activity,” Glickman said.

The Trump campaign has yet to comment on the controversy, and the tweet has since been deleted. The deleted tweet can be viewed in a screenshot below:



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