TRUMP Gets Support of a Member of Establishment

JEB BUSH published a statement tonight on his Facebook page stating he will not support or endorse Donald Trump for president.  He also said he will not support of endorse Hillary Clinton.  He does not believe either candidate is good for America.  Also today, Senator Graham said he would not support Trump.  Now it’s Dick Cheney’s turn to speak about Trump.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will support Donald Trump, he told CNN Friday, an important move as the presumptive Republican nominee is encountering intense resistance from senior members of his own party.

Dick Cheney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Cheney told CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel that he has always supported the GOP nominee and will do so this year as well.

The announcement makes Cheney one of the few Republican Party elders to announce their support of Trump and comes a day after House Speaker Paul Ryan told CNN he is “just not ready” to back Trump.

Meanwhile, earlier today, Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, had vicious words for Trump supporters. 


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