Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has stood firm against the mass migration being pushed by the European Union, is running for re-election, and said Sunday during his annual state of the nation speech that “Christianity is Europe’s last hope.”

He blamed politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris who are in favor of migration, saying they have “opened the way to the decline of Christian culture and the advance of Islam.”

“Absurd as it may sound the danger we face comes from the West, from politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris,” Orbán said in his speech.

Orbán is widely expected to win in a landslide victory in the April 8 election.

Reuters reported:

“Christianity is Europe’s last hope,” Orban told an audience of party faithful at the foot of the Royal Castle in Budapest. With mass immigration, especially from Africa, “our worst nightmares can come true. The West falls as it fails to see Europe being overrun.”

Orban is widely credited for reversing an economic slump in Hungary and controlling its public finances, culminating in a return to investment-grade for its debt, which was cut to ‘junk’ during the 2008 global economic crisis.

To achieve that and hold onto power the prime minister, 54, has used methods that critics have called authoritarian, and picked fights with EU partners, especially in the West. Eastern leaders, most notably in Poland, have followed his lead.

Orban said on Sunday that Europe faces a critical fissure between nation states of the East and the West, which he called an “immigrant zone, a mixed population world that heads in a direction different from ours.”

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