Ex-National Guard Soldier Who Attempted to Join ISIS Gets Lighter Sentence

Twenty-seven-year old Mohamed Bailor Jalloh is a former National Guard soldier from Sterling, Virginia, who is now facing a 11-year prison sentence for attempting to join the Islamic State.

In October of 2016, Jalloh pleaded guilty to charges accusing him of traveling to Africa in an attempt to join the terrorist organization known as ISIS. This past Friday, Jalloh was sentenced to eleven years despite prosecutors seeking to punish him with twenty years.

Originally from Sierra Leone, Jalloh traveled there in August of 2015 to join ISIS after meeting a recruiter from the organization a few months prior. However, plans to transport Jalloh via truck to Libya fell through, and then a second attempt to join the terrorist group a year later in Niger also failed when Jalloh got cold feet.

Eventually, an FBI informant posing as ISIS operative “Abu Saad Sudani” contacted Jalloh to become an agent within the U.S. Jalloh responded, and thus was later detained by U.S. authorities.

Since the event, Jalloh attempted to renounce his desire to join ISIS. “I feel like a complete idiot for accepting such a superficial and dishonest interpretation of Islam,” Jalloh wrote in a letter to the court.

Regardless, prosecutors found Jalloh guilty of conspiring against the U.S. He is the seventh person from the northern Virginia area alone to be charged with ISIS-conspiring related crimes in the past two years.

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