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In an exclusive news broadcast to subscribers on Monday, DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch held a telephone interview with a TeamDML member who has experienced a tremendous turnaround with her health after she began taking CBD products.

Amy Pritchett of Florida explained that last May she suffered a bad fall when her dog accidentally ran into her on the stairs. For several months she continued to feel sore, unable to exercise, and could barely walk her dog. She said she was taking two Tylenol or Advil every two hours, “round the clock” to help with the pain.

In August, Amy, who celebrates her 64th birthday next week, said she ordered and began taking the cannabidiol (“CBD”) products which DML had just launched on his new website,  Within three weeks of taking the CBD soft gels, Amy had stopped taking all her pain killers, and was feeling much better.

In October, Amy and her husband, David, who is 75, also began using the “Miracle Me” CBD pain relief body oil. Within 15 minutes, David felt amazing relief from the pain in his legs, and with continued use, now no longer needs Cortizone shots.

Amy has been able to resume her kick-boxing and exercising routine, and has not been sick with even a cold since taking the CBD products.

“The CBD has not only helped me physically, but emotionally and psychologically,” Amy said, noting that she feels grateful that the products have boosted her immune system, especially amid the coronavirus outbreak that is exploding across the country.

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