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This summer, DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch and his film crew embarked upon a three week national tour, in order to make a documentary about the beauty in America. The film focuses solely on positive stories, people and places that make “AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL” the country that it is.

DML says this film is just “Part 1” of a multi-part filming experience that he now plans to turn into an ongoing series.

Along the journey, DML and his crew took stunning photographs, which they have compiled into a beautiful picture book titled “America The Beautiful” that includes short descriptions of each photo. CLICK HERE to get yours!

The book is not only a testament to the beauty of America’s landscape and her people, but gives a sneak preview of the scenes featured in the upcoming “America The Beautiful” documentary film.

Here’s one of the many reviews we’ve received:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my beautiful autographed America The Beautiful book. The pictures are amazing. Love you & your wonderful family sharing your amazing trip with all of us. What an amazing experience for you. And thank you Miss Mary for all of the hard work you do.

My book is the focal point on my coffee table that I share not only the book, but who DML is with my friends & visitors. Thank you from a faithful listener, Diana.

It’s not too late to GET YOUR OWN COPY of the beautiful “America The Beautiful” book, but please don’t delay, because supplies ARE limited!

DML will personally sign each book. The soft-cover book measures 8 x 11 inches and includes 27 pages of amazing photos.  See sneak peek of the book below. 

CLICK HERE to see more photos, details and learn how you can GET YOUR OWN COPY of this unique and beautiful book. This book is a keepsake you will treasure, and, as many have discovered, makes a great gift as well!



Sandy: The photo book is gorgeous and worth every penny.  I think you said it was Mary’s idea to offer the books.  She is one smart cookie.  I hope everyone buys one to help your endeavors and to showcase how wonderful this country is.  Thanks DML!”

Michael: “I am not much of a photo book person.  I prefer to read a book versus look at one.  However……To support you I purchased the photo book.  I was blown away by the photos and the way in which you positioned it all.  The stories are told through those pictures and your short descriptions.  I am so impressed and eagerly await this new film.  Great job DML. I think you are the best there is in the business.”

Anne: “Your picture book arrived and it is a WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I love it. Ordering another for my sister who is a huge DML fan.”

Al: I received my AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL picture book Saturday and it is amazing.  If the film is reflective of this book then you have a winner on your hands.  As I flipped through the pages all I could feel was happiness flowing through my insides.  The images we see each day on the TV are so morbid.  Your book proves there is good in the world, it still exists in America.  You are simply the best storyteller I have ever came across in my 67 years.

Below is a picture from one of our readers with her copy of the “America The Beautiful” photo book. CLICK HERE to get yours today!

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