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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has new political challengers, and they have a new source of financing.

Three Republican’s have emerged as declared or potential employers in her home district.

“Just three months after taking office, the Democratic socialist congresswoman’s challengers include an Egyptian American journalist, who has already tossed her hat in the ring, and an NYPD cop-turned-high-school-civics teacher and conservative talk-radio producer, both of whom are seriously exploring a run against her,” Fox News reports.

“There’s definitely national energy and money on this race,” Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino told The New York Post.

Rendino says a donor with mega-bucks is “hell-bent on getting AOC tossed,” Fox reports. He said the individual is “worth over $200 million, plus [has] connections to raise money in Manhattan,” but he did not name the donor.

From Fox:

Tom Doherty, a former Pataki deputy, said a Republican challenger to AOC would be able to “raise real national money.”

“We need to put individuals forward and make the incumbent work for re-election,” Doherty said.

Political challengers are stepping up to fight Ocasio’Cortez’s brand of socialism, and you can play your part, too.

It’s time to send a powerful message that the socialist proposals being advanced to America’s youth by the radical Democrats are NOT in line with American values, NOR is socialism a part of the “American dream” or a roadmap for our future! IF WE DON’T SPEAK OUT, WHO WILL?

Say No To Socialism! A newly-designed bumper sticker is growing in popularity as a powerful way to fight back against the agenda of socialist Democrats and the mainstream media that supports them.

GET YOUR BUMPER STICKER NOW and TEAM DML will send one sticker to your address, PLUS an additional bumper sticker will be sent to the office of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in Washington, DC – just to make a statement that you’re not buying their socialist agenda!

The bumper sticker is 7 inches wide by 3 inches high.

Check out with PayPal below.

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