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In an August 9, 2018 tweet, neoconservative political analyst Bill Kristol said it was “likely Mueller will find there was collusion” between President Donald J. Trump and Russia. His comment hasn’t aged well in light of Sunday’s revelations, and others are taking notice.

Back in August, Kristol tweeted, “Lest we lose sight of the forest for the trees: It seems to me likely Mueller will find there was collusion between Trump associates and Putin operatives; that Trump knew about it; and that Trump sought to cover it up and obstruct its investigation. What then? Good question.”

Now, after it was revealed that special counsel RoberMueller found no collusion, the tweet has attracted attention.

DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch slammed Kristol with a tweet that said, “It pains me when media outlets refer to you as a conservative. It’s like calling Mexico a good neighbor. Just doesn’t add up. You’re a left of center has-been.”

Conservative political commentator Brit Hume chimed in, “Oops.”

Even Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., had something to say. He tweeted, “Bill please keep tweeting. Your opinions are very valuable to us. We need someone to tell us what ideas to SHORT the hell out of… and in the losing big department you’re a winner.”

Kristol doubled down Sunday even after the Mueller investigation findings were announced, however. He tweeted, “Mueller’s report lays out ‘evidence on both sides of the question.’ That narrative will make for very interesting reading…It’s up to Congress and the American public to police the borders of acceptability. Democracy is going to have to save itself.”

He was commenting on an article in The Bulwark titled, “No Collusion. No Exoneration.” That report said the following:

At this point, it seems almost churlish to point out that we have not actually seen the Mueller report. What we do have is a letter from Attorney General William Barr that makes at least two things clear: Mueller found no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, but he also pointedly declined to exonerate Trump from charges that he engaged in the obstruction of justice.

The decision not to charge Trump with obstruction was made not by Mueller, but by Trump’s appointees: Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Mueller’s report lays out the arguments on both sides, but “ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment.”

Mueller apparently felt strongly enough about this point that he said, “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

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