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Monday evening as President Trump announced that he had chosen Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his pick for the newest Supreme Court Justice, hundreds of protesters held demonstrations in front of the Supreme Court building, loudly voicing their opposition to Trump’s decision.

The protesters became confrontational with Trump supporters who were there as well, including Ricardo Cardwell, a black man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

After the “dust” all settled, a Breitbart reporter interviewed Cardwell, and posted the video on Facebook. The video has already gone viral, with almost 2 million views.

“The worst thing about the conversation between myself and the left-wing supporter is that she wouldn’t give me a chance to answer,” Cardwell said, adding that the woman wanted to talk about slavery.

“I guess she feels like since I’m black, I have to relate to slavery, and that’s got to be a hot-button issue… never mind the fact that I’ve never been a slave and don’t know anyone who has,” he added.

He said the woman referred to his hat, and asked, “When was America great?”

He said he told her, “America has been great from the very start, because this nation was founded on the principals of freeing us from tyranny.”

He said whether it be from Britain, or from slavery in the US, and said there were a lot of people in this nation who didn’t agree with slavery.

“In case she doesn’t know, there was a civil war, and a whole lot of white people died because they wanted this nation, and people like myself to be free,” he said, almost near tears.

“This nation gives you the right to move yourself up out of any poor, bad position that you’re in, like no other nation,” Cardwell said.

Watch his entire remarks below, as he explains with emotion and passion why America truly is great.

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