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An Editorial from the San Diego Tribune reports that the city opened “three large tented shelters to house 700 homeless people and help them transition to permanent housing is one of its most significant attempts to address a worsening homelessness crisis” in late 2017 and early 2018. Their initial goal was to help 65% of occupants get into a permanent shelter within 30 days.

They fell far short, however as only 12% were obtaining such housing, a report found.

“Now, to meet a lower goal of 30%, the city is going to hire nine new workers to help those in bridge shelters find housing. As The San Diego Union-Tribune reported, there is some skepticism about how successful this will be,” the Tribune said.

This crisis is bigger than most Americans know, but you can be more informed!

Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch has produced a film that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and inspire you with fresh ideas and solutions to address this growing problem.

Just as he did with immigration, DML lays the problem out for you with a no-holds-barred, deeply moving look at the homelessness crisis, how it’s crushing the spirit of America, and what can be done to FIX IT.

PLEASE WATCH the video clip below, as DML gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes summary of how he filmed this latest documentary, who helped him, and why it was not picked up by Netflix.  Additionally, the video includes scenes from the first 10 minutes of this powerful, moving documentary, titled, “United States of Tents.”

“United States of Tents” is now available on DVD for pre-order, and bundle offers are available. We encourage you to buy what you can, whether just one DVD or multiple at a discount, and then share the DVDs with people who NEED TO SEE THE TRUTH about the epidemic that is bound to get worse before it gets better.

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