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Twice failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted about a new documentary called “Active Measures,” now in theaters, which details Russian efforts to “disrupt world events” according to Clinton.

The New York Times reviewed the film, saying  “Active Measures” is “eager to make you uncomfortable” and that it “piles on the ire as it outlines Russian efforts to manipulate world events, particularly the 2016 American presidential election.”

The film summarizes Vladimir V. Putin’s career and includes “heaps” of interviews, video clips and flowcharts detailing links between Mr. Putin and President Donald J. Trump, the Times reports.

From the Times: Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain, who died on Saturday, offer opinions on Mr. Putin and on evidence that Russian cyber teams work to sow conflict among American citizens. We’re told of extortion by Russia, through sex tapes and similar means, to get what it wants. And, through it all, Mr. Bryan returns to Mr. Trump, whose businesses he connects again and again to Russian money.

Expectations seem high for the film, with Vanity Fair declaring, “How Jack Bryan parlayed rich-kid know-how into Active Measures, the very first feature-length doc about Trump and Russia,” in an article titled, “Is This the Documentary That Can Take Down Trump?”

A video for the trailer may be watched below.

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