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Wednesday afternoon President Trump revoked the security clearance for former CIA Director John Brennan, and threatened to do the same for several others, including former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey, who was fired by the president in May 2017, responded by releasing the following statement on Twitter Wednesday night:

“Once again this president is sending a message that he will punish people who disagree with him and reward those who praise him. In a democracy, security clearances should not be used as pawns in a petty political game to distract voters from even bigger problems. This president befriends and praises despots and dictators like Putin and Kim Jong-un. Those friends provide stark contrast to the patriotic Americans and public servants he disrespects, threatens, and calls enemies: a war hero like John McCain, members of our country’s free press, and devoted public servants like John Brennan. American voters must not shrug off or be distracted from the terrible behaviors of this president, who lies to the American people every day, encourages racism, is a misogynist, and always puts his own interest above those of the United States of America. Politicians enabling this president should be held accountable in future elections. We are each responsible for what we say as well as for our silence.”

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  1. Once again Comey you lie out you ass . No one has yet given a reason why someone who is no longer in government or working for a government entatie needs to keep their security clearance. Trump may not always be right but he doesn’t promote any of the things you say …and unlike Obama and killary he is looking out for the USA and it’s CITIZENS, not illegials.

  2. Anybody working for the government should have their clearance revoked the day they stop working for the government . I had mine revoked the day I was discharged from the military .

  3. What a joke when you consider…..OBI sent the IRS on folks that disagreed w/ him…..get back in your hole comey, you traitor ……..

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