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Effective today, Monday, October 21, DMLNewsApp is announcing a stunning 3-3-3 promotion to highlight some of documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch’s most impactful work about the costs – and the dangers – of both illegal immigration and homelessness in America.

Get 3 EACH of 3 PRODUCTS – available for 3 DAYS! DML has ran this offer a couple times before – and today he has asked us to make it available again. Here’s why:

DML stated: If there is one disappointment I’ve had over the past decade, it’s that my films haven’t received mass distribution.  It’s not because they fail to address interesting topics.  It’s not because they are poorly produced.  It’s because they expose the truth about immigration and homelessness.  My films are not politically correct, and so Hollywood rejects them.  Meanwhile, I work so hard on these films — many times risking my life or health — other times including my family as part of the production team.  We put our hearts and souls into these documentaries and yet they never see the silver screen. The most recent rejections are the UNITED STATES OF TENTS and THEY COME TO AMERICA IV – THE COST OF POLITICS.

The homeless film, UNITED STATES OF TENTS, should be in every film festival and every movie theater across the nation, and yet it was rejected by every film festival we applied to.  Meanwhile, AOC’s film about her socialist agenda and rise to fame was accepted to the same festivals.

My new film on immigration, THEY COME TO AMERICA 4: The Cost of Politics, is the most important work I have ever done.  And it too is being rejected.  I recently received a message from a top name in DC who said he would NOT help spearhead a film premier in DC because lawmakers won’t show up to the premier. When I asked why, he said they “won’t want to support the film in an election year.”


HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP: For $50, we will send you:

  • 3 Trilogy DVD sets (They Come to America I, II, and III)
  • 3 DVDs of They Come to America IV – The Cost of Politics

Purchased separately, this bundle of DVDs would cost $175.  But DML has asked us to let them go for only $50 over the next three days. Again, this is for orders placed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week!

We just have one request if you take advantage of this offer – we want you to give the extra films away – or loan them out. Keep them circulating!  Just be sure they go to people who will watch them.  The information in these films is too important – the American people need to see it!

To take advantage of this incredible offer, click the yellow BUY NOW button below. If you do not have a PAYPAL account, simply sign in as a guest. *If you have questions about your order, contact us at [email protected]

Please watch the trailer video below of footage from the “They Come To America” TRILOGY DVD set:


  1. I had previously ordered a set – the trilogy, a they come #4, and USA of Tents. Then you had the 3-3-3 offer and I ordered that – they are probably waiting for me at the post office. I have watched them all and started watching them again & as I watch I all God who I should loan them to, or if I should invite them for coffee and watch the movies from DML. As I watched USA of Tents I thought of all the money spent on illegals. That money should be spent on tackling homelessness. Thank you for shining a light on these problems!


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