While on the DML National Tour, Dennis Michael Lynch and his film crew are conducting interviews for a new documentary on school safety.

Tuesday, DML interviewed Tina Siebenman, Vice President of Executive Wood Products, Inc., in Sullivan, MO, a company that produces bullet-proof panels designed to keep school children safe. Unfortunately, despite their efforts to introduce these life-saving panels to school systems across the nation, only one school out of a thousand has even responded.

In 2006, Executive Wood Products created anti-ballistic products for the US Government. Their products are found in the White House and in nearly every government agency.

In 2015, after the tragic Tennessee Recruiting Station Shooting, the Federal government went to work to create specs on anti-ballistic panels that would protect their public spaces. Executive Wood Products help fulfill and manufacture these orders and have delivered well over 400 units.

Siebenman told DML, “This year we launched a new-anti ballistic panel to protect our school students, faculty and staff from active shooter threats. This product is a mobile anti-ballistic panel aptly named Tactical Scholar with a push pin board on one side to tack posters and functional white board on the other.”

After the interview, DML was appalled, saying, “The U.S. government is buying these panels to protect their staff, but this company has only gotten a response from one out of 1,000 schools in America. Based on what I have just seen, I cannot believe that schools are blowing off this incredible product. We can protect our politicians, but we can’t protect our kids?”

Siebenman shares her story below:

We are absolutely passionate about school safety and experts in ways to harden schools. The whiteboards can be used as barricades, door blocks and window guards and can lock down a hallway. They are easily rolled into place, but when the castors are locked down, this whiteboard is nearly impossible to move. It is a solution that requires no installation and is ready to use immediately. When pushed up against a closed classroom door, the shooter CANNOT fire bullets into that classroom or through a window into the classroom, when lined across a hallway that shooter can not fire down that hallway and children can be escorted to safety.

On February 14th, 2018, our founder and CEO Paul Alexander and I had just met with DHS and TSA about our panels and we were just leaving Washington, D.C. when the Stone Douglas High School shooting occurred. Since then, I personally have reached out to nearly 1,000 schools, superintendents, school boards, Governors and Senators and Representatives both on the state and federal levels, imploring them to please speak to me about this solution. I have only received a response from one school district and was given an invitation to speak to their school resource officers recently. They have also invited me to speak this summer at their school safety summit. I am excited to share this solution with them.

I believe most schools think this will not happen to them. They are waiting for federal and state government to take care of this problem FOR them and to also FUND them, meanwhile, kids are still being shot and killed.

Parents from across the country have contacted me, frustrated that they cannot get any information from their own school boards and superintendents regarding their child’s school safety protocol. Some are blatantly ignored by the very school their child attends.

When I see the Federal Government protecting their own staff against active shooters, and then our own schools will not even evaluate this solution, I am deeply saddened. As a parent of high schoolers, I am furious.

Again, this same Executive Wood anti-ballistic rolling panel is currently being used by State and Federal governments to achieve the same protection in their buildings as they would in our schools. In fact, they budgeted over $64 million in 2017 to harden their government buildings – NOT SCHOOLS.

When the Santa Fe High School shooting occurred last week, I was simply sick. I had already reached out to Texas at the government level back in February and got no response. It might not have made a difference last week, but it can make a difference in the future.

Executive Wood Products is a family-owned company and has been in business for 36 years. We remain determined to make a difference. More information can be found below.



PHOTO GALLERY (Not all are anti-ballistic.)

Executive Wood Products was featured in a St. Louis Fox News report on February 15, one day after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. The reported stated that the panels cost $2,200 each. CLICK HERE to read that report and watch their news broadcast.

Watch the demonstration video below, followed by photos of their life-saving products.