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On Tuesday, DML News founder and immigration expert Dennis Michael Lynch made a scorching comment in a reply to a tweet from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).

Omar tweeted a link to a Times story titled “Climate Change Has Already Increased Global Inequality. It Will Only Get Worse.” She captioned it, “Unless we take bold action, the climate crisis will continue to increase economic inequality across the globe.”

DML responded with a scathing tweet, mocking her words.

“Unless we take bold action, the level of radical refugees like Rep Omar and fake refugees at the border will increase making for an economic burden to actual US taxpayers,” DML wrote. “Omar, you ever repay your refugee loan back to US?”

In a Facebook live video on Tuesday (see below), DML explained that the US government gives loans to refugees, but there are questions about when, how, and if they are being repaid. DML expressed outrage over the disparity between aid offered to refugees and what is available to American citizens.

Next, DML lashed out at Axios, a left-leaning news outlet. They tweeted, “NEW: The S&P 500 closed at a record high for the first time since September, while the Nasdaq closed at a new high for the first time since August.”

DML repied, “And all you liberal hacks want to impeach Trump.”

President Donald J. Trump tweeted about the market rally earlir Tuesday, asking, “Will I ever be given credit for anything?

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  1. Mr. Trump: Please keep up the good work! Do not worry if the liberals won’t give you credit for anything. They won’t because it just shows how little they have done for the U.S. Citizens and what they are trying to do to this country. Just know that most citizens are behind you and wish you well.

  2. President Trump has done more in two years while being drug through the Democrat sewer than Obama did in 8 years. I will always believe that Obama was a plant and was intended to take us down to 3rd world status and he dang near did. OUR President loves our country and loves the workers in the country….and we love him back! TRUMP 2020

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