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On Easter Sunday, attacks by Muslim extremist suicide bombers in Sri Lanka led to hundreds of deaths and injuries.

“At least 200 people have been killed and hundreds more wounded in eight blasts across Sri Lanka,” NPR reports. “The coordinated bombings targeted luxury hotels and churches in the country. ”

Following the attacks, DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch slammed the New York Times and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) over their failure to adequately address the attacks.

First, DML zeroed in on the New York Times over their reporting of the bombings, tweeting, “Muslim terrorists kill hundreds on Easter. Fake news @nytimes will tweet ten+ times about attack but NOT ONCE are words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ in titles or descriptions. Had it been white guy killing hundreds of Muslims the words ‘Trump’ & ‘nationalist would’ve been in every tweet!'”

Then, DML responded to a post from Omar.

Omar tweeted, “As countless people attend Easter service today, our prayers are with the people of Sri Lanka who lost loved ones in these horrible attacks. No person, of any faith, should be fearful in their house of worship.”

DML responded, “White nut kills 50Muslims in N.Zealand & u tweet blame @realDonaldTrump + claim a white extremism epidemic. But when Allah praising Muslims kill 200+ on Easter u don’t mention “Islam/Muslim”. U should condemn attackers but u won’t because the peep who died are infidels in ur book.”

DML also spoke out in a Facebook Live video, blasting the media and Omar.

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