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New Socialist Democrat congressmember-elect Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez has been heavily promoting her climate change proposal, the  “Green New Deal.”

Tuesday evening, she responded to a tweet by Earther reporter Brian Kahn, who shared a poll that claimed Ocasio-Cortez’s climate change proposal has the support of a majority of voters, including a majority of conservative Republicans.

Ocasio-Cortez replied, “Our first policy proposal – a #GreenNewDeal to mobilize nat’l jobs + infrastructure investment to address environment, fix our communities, & save the planet, has support from a majority of **conservative Republican voters.** Maybe THAT’S why GOP media is so scared of us.”

DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch responded to her tweet, writing, “Young lady, the conservative media doesn’t fear you, they profit from you. Your “huh?” statements and over the top Tweets sell clicks. You’re a high RPM. That’s all. Just being honest w/ya.”

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